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How are they making it? Is it right every time? If tested, did an outside party approve it? The industry knows you can buy prills from China and make DEF, but sometimes, those prills are off spec with materials like formaldehyde or other metals. We can test your bulk DEF, regardless if you purchased it from us. The concentration can be between The refractive index should be between 1.

Concentration is easy, but a field test will not catch small particles in the DEF.

code 4364 fmi 18

Visually inspect DEF, and if you see anything, you have a problem. Remember, 1 teaspoon of salt in 5, gallons of DEF will ruin it. This is an ultraclean fluid, with any minerals more than 0. SCR systems are sensitive and contaminants can collect on the catalyst metals coat the catalyst which will hurt the efficiency of the system. Therefore, commercial DEF is manufactured with deionized or demineralized water. Even adding small amounts of tap water to DEF will cause contamination.

Use of contaminated or diluted DEF can, at a minimum, cause your SCR system to malfunction or even worse can cause costly damage to sensors filters and collectors. Damage to the SCR system can include loss of contact surface area of the catalyst and reduced efficiency of the catalyst and possible secondary engine damage, creation of a sticky deposit or clogging of the DEF injectors. Engine damage may occur if contamination blocks pores in the catalyst where exhaust enters causing increased exhaust pressures.

The SCR system may require servicing to restore its function or may need to be replaced. Whenever handling DEF, the fluid must be kept clean. If a funnel is used, it must be absolutely clean and free of any contaminants. If you have more than one tote of DEF, cover the Micromatic fitting on the tote not in use — no dust hitting it.

Avoid cross-contamination! It may be true, if the smoke is black. Cleaning it yearly is a lot less than that cost and your engine will run as it is designed.

Just do it.Donations help keep the lights on around here, Thanks in advance New: Rawze's amazon Page. It helps keep the website costs at bay and goes towards helping others with their trucks.

Current time:Shoutbox Hello There, Guest! Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. Hey guys, I got a check engine light on and curious if anyone has seen this fault before.

I have access to Quickserve and Insite. According to the diagnostic tree on Quickserve, first step is to check for other codes active or inactive. There are no other codes in the system. Boost is normal.

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All temps are normal. Fuel mileage is normal.

code 4364 fmi 18

I haven't checked anything else out yet. Just curious if anyone has seen this before and could give me a point in the right direction to cut down on diagnosing time. Hopefully this is the first and last time I have to deal with after treatment issues, as I plan on going Plan C but I do not have anywhere to do it right now.

Thanks guys. Return to Top find. Post: 2. Most of the time it is a bad nox sensor. Post: 3. Thanks guys I had that issue a few months back on my This code will put the unit in a derate for at least one drive cycle but will not shut down the unit. I have a dd When the engine is put under stress 25,lbs or more in hilly terrain I get fault code nox conv eff.

When these 2 faults come at same time I will have the yellow light in fuel gauge flash.

Just got SPN 4364 FMI 18 code

If I am able to park sometimes it will let me manually regen. My question is this a pressure problem emission control valve. I have the one box system I have the following faults and when engine is under stress 15, lbs it blows out white smelly smoke from the tailpipe and it even goes into the cab! Scr Inlet snsrnox efficiency low,low temp regen.

Perform a regen to verify code. Verify for any air system related fault codes, if any repair those first. Verify for any EGR related faults, if any repair those first. Verify for any DEF related faults, if any repair those first.

If any repair those first. Check DEF quality, verify there is no contamination. Make sure they are within 4. Spec is between ml. If not replace and regen to verify repair.

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Comment Name Email Website.Discussion in ' Freightliner Forum ' started by Longhaul53Sep 15, Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting. Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs.

Sep 15, 1. I want to hear your thoughts. Thanks, LongHaul Longhaul53Sep 15, Name Email Phone Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Sep 15, 2. Piece of black tape over the light,I'm sorry, people have called me a troll for comments like that, nothing could be further from the truth.

code 4364 fmi 18

I really have no idea and can't for the life of me understand why you people put up with that junk. Why would someone spend 10 times that for a modern POS? Sep 15, 3. It can be just about anything. I have Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link, so I can eliminate some of the steps without going to the dealer.

One of the early steps it said to replace the outlet NOx sensor as it was reading low. Which could be an indication that I needed a DEF awning kit.

Which was only just over a week ago. I had them install the DEF awning kit at the same time. If not, then the inlet NOx sensor is the next step. And so on, trading off the truck does get tempting at some point. Sep 15, 4.

Sep 15, 5. Sep 15, 6. MGE DawnSep 15, Sep 15, 7. Thinking about switching to company driver myself. Sep 15, 8. Sep 15, 9. Sep 15, Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account?By ultraglideJanuary 24, in Type A motorhomes.

We'll talk about bad luck. My Journey is down again and again because of the DEF. First time miles crushed hose and bad filter. Second time miles bad DEF from a Pilot by Lazydays new filter, pump and draining lines not paid for under warranty. Now again a bad sensor but not sure, well at least that is what the code says. With only miles.

code 4364 fmi 18

Stuck in Las Cruces NM. And having trouble getting into a Cummins shop or a Frieghtliner shop. Could you also post how much DEF you have used. Have no clue to your driving habits, but the DEF systems like to run hot.

So slow stop and go traffic can cause issues with the system. School buses drivers in our area need to remember to run in the lower gears to maintain a higher temperature in the exhaust when stopping frequently.

I am trying to find out the year of the engine. It is a hp on a Freightliner. When I first bought the unit I was told to fill up every time that I put in fuel. My toad says not to go over 65 ,so I find my sweet spot to be around 61 to 62 at rpm.

I have let it idle but I raise the idea to rpm which helps with bring in the slide outs. This last time I was going through El Paso at 60 mph and when I was on the other side kick it up to Now I have to drive back to El Paso with the hopes that it won't quit on me.Worse still, some give wrong answers, with no indication that the results are incorrect. Microsoft also has an Access 2.

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spn 4364 fmi 18

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But the mapping of computer science data types to statistical data types depends on which categorization of the latter is being implemented. Other categorizations have been proposed. Whether or not a transformation is sensible to contemplate depends on the question one is trying to answer" (Hand, 2004, p.

The probability distribution of the statistic, though, may have unknown parameters. Commonly used estimators include sample mean, unbiased sample variance and sample covariance. Widely used pivots include the z-score, the chi square statistic and Student's t-value.

Between two estimators of a given parameter, the one with lower mean squared error is said to be more efficient. Furthermore, an estimator is said to be unbiased if its expected value is equal to the true value of the unknown parameter being estimated, and asymptotically unbiased if its expected value converges at the limit to the true value of such parameter.

Other desirable properties for estimators include: UMVUE estimators that have the lowest variance for all possible values of the parameter to be estimated (this is usually an easier property to verify than efficiency) and consistent estimators which converges in probability to the true value of such parameter. This still leaves the question of how to obtain estimators in a given situation and carry the computation, several methods have been proposed: the method of moments, the maximum likelihood method, the least squares method and the more recent method of estimating equations.

Interpretation of statistical information can often involve the development of a null hypothesis which is usually (but not necessarily) that no relationship exists among variables or that no change occurred over time.

The null hypothesis, H0, asserts that the defendant is innocent, whereas the alternative hypothesis, H1, asserts that the defendant is guilty. The indictment comes because of suspicion of the guilt.

The H0 (status quo) stands in opposition to H1 and is maintained unless H1 is supported by evidence "beyond a reasonable doubt". However, "failure to reject H0" in this case does not imply innocence, but merely that the evidence was insufficient to convict. So the jury does not necessarily accept H0 but fails to reject H0.

While one can not "prove" a null hypothesis, one can test how close it is to being true with a power test, which tests for type II errors. What statisticians call an alternative hypothesis is simply a hypothesis that contradicts the null hypothesis. Working from a null hypothesis, two basic forms of error are recognized:Standard deviation refers to the extent to which individual observations in a sample differ from a central value, such as the sample or population mean, while Standard error refers to an estimate of difference between sample mean and population mean.

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A statistical error is the amount by which an observation differs from its expected value, a residual is the amount an observation differs from the value the estimator of the expected value assumes on a given sample (also called prediction). Mean squared error is used for obtaining efficient estimators, a widely used class of estimators. Root mean square error is simply the square root of mean squared error.

Many statistical methods seek to minimize the residual sum of squares, and these are called "methods of least squares" in contrast to Least absolute deviations. The latter gives equal weight to small and big errors, while the former gives more weight to large errors. Residual sum of squares is also differentiable, which provides a handy property for doing regression. Least squares applied to linear regression is called ordinary least squares method and least squares applied to nonlinear regression is called non-linear least squares.

Also in a linear regression model the non deterministic part of the model is called error term, disturbance or more simply noise. Measurement processes that generate statistical data are also subject to error.

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Any estimates obtained from the sample only approximate the population value.

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